About us

About us

For more than 20 years, BIZ PLANER has been producing top-quality notebooks and diaries in attractive designs. For our designs we only use highest quality materials and pay special attention to all stages of production.

BIZ PLANER is the market leader in the production of prestigious stationery in Croatia.

For over 20 years we have been moving the limits of quality and professionalism in the production of high-quality products, always keeping up with the latest technologies and applied scientific achievements.

Diaries, planners and notebooks of various formats with a flawless body and stunning materials used for the production of covers give you that synergistic pleasure when you use our products.

Due to extremely positive reactions to our products, BIZ PLANER has developed and presented a wide range of finished products, which you can find at our sales partners.

In order to meet their clients’ needs, designers and marketing agencies are making more and more demands when it comes to choosing the materials, technical possibilities and quality of promotional products. For BIZ PLANER, this is a constant source of inspiration.

We can offer finest ecological materials, such as flexium (aluminium), synthetic products (polypropylene, polyester, etc.), cardboard and silk.

For your design, we convert these materials into top quality products, such as: folders, cases, diaries, address books, photo albums and more.

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