Unlimited possibilities of branding

Unlimited possibilities of branding

You have decided to do something really special for your brand, you want to leave the impression of professionalism with the touch of exclusivity and require the highest standards?!

We offer a large number of high-quality materials and professional consulting services when choosing, in order to make your diary look truly unique and perfect.

Express your creativity by choosing special printing technologies and accessories that will act as a permanent reminder of your brand and accentuate its value.

  • Material Selection

    Each material possesses unique properties, so we approach the material as well as the printing and finishing technology selection processes with special attention. Your diary or notebook can be made of cardboard, silk or coated materials of various visual and tactile characteristics. Of course, you may also opt for a combination of materials of your own choice.

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  • UV Varnish and/or Foil Printing

    Emphasize and attract attention to important graphic elements by selecting special printing techniques.

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  • Silk Printing

    The silk-screen process is a great choice for the bookbinding material when it comes to the reproduction of demanding graphic designs.

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  • Sliding Bolt of a Diary

    The innovative closing principle can be further branded by engraving or printing a logo or promotional message.

    Bolts are specially designed depending on the format and are embedded on the back of the diary with maximum precision.

    Opening and closing are done by a slight finger

  • Book Closures and Labels

    Adjust the colours to your corporate standards and decorate the diary with a textile marking.

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  • Stainless Steel Plates

    A decent accessory on the covers of the diary designed to apply elements of your visual identity using screen printing or engraving.

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  • Special Materials and Inside Designs

    Special products, fully tailored to the needs of your project.

    Format, materials and inside designs can be fully customized to your requirements.

    The end result is a prestigious product that will leave a lasting impression and act as a reminder of your brand.

  • Inside Designs

    You can use our standard solutions as a base for your book block or you can have it completely personalized.

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  • Binding - The Finishing Touch

    Depending on the purpose, the diaries or notebooks can be bound by sewing, gluing, using a spiral or mechanically.

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